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We trace Crop Stories ™ in a simple and confidential manner


We offer tools to
promote sustainable agriculture.


We connect farmers with companies
for mutual benefits.


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We are the first collaborative platform where farmers get more profitability by telling their Crop Story™.

In our simple and profitable business model,
everybody wins.


Access a digital platform where they register and verify their Crop Story™, and can then share it with companies in exchange for benefits.
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Access a digital space where they connect with farmers that are doing sustainable practices and position their products with a better market placement. 
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Access the traceability of food and products produced under sustainable practices regarding the environment and natural resources.
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Our solution

We trace and verify the Crop Story™ provides farmers with a free and assisted digital platform where agronomic events are traced and verified in the platform following validated processes by global surveyors. The Crop Stories created are securely stored and encrypted with blockchain technology.

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We offer tools to promote sustainable agriculture

The platform calculates the potential sustainability of the fields and farm, to verify what standards they could apply to.

Using the environmental indicators, such as EIQ and Carbon Footprint, farmers can minimize their impact on the environment and natural resources.

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We connect farmers with companies to be able to obtain mutual benefits

The farmer can visualize all the agreements that apply to his crops and fields to make his sustainable practices profitable – in the present, medium and long term (value aggregator). The farmer can choose which agreements to sign in order to capitalize on these values: (value capture). When signing the agreements, the farmer is the one who decides which companies he will allow to visualize his Crop Story ™, in exchange for economic incentives.

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Together we can add value to your sustainable practices. 

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We transform sustainability into a simpler, more achievable and profitable process.