Verifying sustainable agriculture at a global scale

By connecting farmers, program developers & brands in agreements to trace and share sustainable goals through verified Crops Stories from farm to product.

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Our Solution

Verified Landscape

We provide the tools your company needs to verify the overlapping of productive fields with deforested areas and their proximity to wetland, among other factors.
Verification for EUDR, EPA, 2BSvs and many other normatives.

Crop Story™

We help organizations execute programs with farmers’s data governance, evidence and blockchain traceability so they can securely act on and communicate sustainability achievements such as, carbon footprint reduction, transition to regenerative agriculture, responsible use of crop protection and nutrition inputs, among others.

Product Traceability

Communicate your product’s verified and traceable sustainable achievements through a consistent narrative on an easily accessible microsite, available via QR code.
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Sustainability in Action

+21 Millon

acres traced

+9 Millon

acres of carbon footprints measured in crops

+ than 1870

signed contracts to capitalize good agricultural practices



have access to verified sustainable crops

10 countries

in which we have customers and farmers operations

United for a common purpose

We collaborate daily with these companies to promote good agricultural practices and sustainable goals, fostering positive environmental change.
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