Crop Story™

Our crypto verifiable way
to show the world how your crops were produced

We put technology at the service of agriculture

Our solution will assist the process to run successful programs with growers, seeking practice changes, measuring baselines, KPIs and progress.

from satellites

ingest from
farmer data

data connection

with evidence



Building the Crop Story™

Growers Opt In to participate in your Programs

By understanding benefits and specific traceability targets they can express their interest to participate in programs, commit to provide the necessary data and delegate the rights your company will need when communicating specific achievements.


Data collection and Cleansing

Ensure a scalable process, with farmer assistance and our data ingest platform.

We collect data from agricultural machinery systems, ERP or production management systems, or directly from our mobile app to unify all this information into a coherent Crop Story™. Each piece of data entering the system is statistically analyzed and reviewed by our systems to prevent errors.


Evidence and Validations

Enable your company to confidently report its achievements. We support the entire data process with evidence ranging from crop type teledetection using satellite imagery to machinery connections or documentary evidence or field samples. Our team validates the consistency of the information and producers sign their consent for the entire process.


Blockchain Auditability

To ensure that the data mentioned in the entire previous process are not tampered with once the company communicates its achievements, all generated documentation is stamped on the blockchain to ensure its immutability.



We have developed an additional tool on our platform that simplifies and enhances the tracking of sustainable practices, making it more effective.

This tool helps you easily view and download all your activities and achievements in the crop story, enabling continuous improvement in the change process with us.

We created this tool to assess whether a field meets international standards for selection as the source of sustainable grains and to align your product with global markets

Discover the power of your CropStory. Join our community and share your sustainable success with the world through our platform of innovative, accurate, and transparent traceability.

Your CropStory is your legacy, and at, we want to help you tell it.

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