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Sustainable Camelina Production

SEASON: 24/25

Vision BioEnergy Oilseeds LLC (VBO) is supporting farmers in verifying sustainable camelina production in the US.
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Gain access to new markets while getting full traceability of your crops, demonstrating the sustainability of your camelina crop and with free measurement of the carbon footprint of your crops.

Participation Process

A contact from will get in touch to review benefits and requirements of the program. They will help you connect your John Deere Operations Center data to the platform and explore the most efficient way to complete the program.

Before sharing any data with Vision Bioenergy Oilseeds you will be sent a license agreement to review the terms and requirements of the program.

Traceability Targets

In order for VBO to be able to communicate sustainable targets they need all the reported data to be backed up with evidence and farmer validation.

Planting Information

Report seed varieties used, planting date/s and rate/s, tillage type, area. Inputs applied at planting and rate. Evidence: JD Op Center download


Report all crop protection/fertilizer applications, detailing the date, products used and their rate, acres applied and form of application. Evidence: JD Op Center download

Yield Monitoring

Report predicted yield in the advanced reproductive period.Evidence: Provided by and NDVI images.

Harvest Information

Report yield harvested per field, date and acres harvested. Evidence: JD Op Center.

Carbon Footprint

We combine your reported farm practices with the Cool Farming Tool to provide a solid calculation.


These are the requirements to participate


Farms in the United States, in the areas of Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, North Texas


Farmer uses and connects their John Deere Ops Center


No limitations

Enrollment Period

Open Year Round


These are the contacts within who will be assiting you in this program

Matthew Blackerby

Key Account Manager

Pandora Sota

Operations Lead - US

Apply to the Program

We’ll provide all the necessary support to ensure you succeed with the program.


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