By registering the Crop Story™ on our platform, farmers can know their potential sustainability, verify if they apply to standards and access environmental indicators to improve their impact on the environment.

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We offer self-management tools to promote sustainable agriculture:


The Environmental Impact Quotient EIQ) is a dimensionless, numerical value developed by the Cornell University Integrated Pest Management Program (Kovach et al., 1992) to evaluate the environmental impact of pesticides.

Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint is an environmental metric that calculates the total Greeenhouse Gas emissions (GGE) generated, directly and indirectly, by an individual, group, organization, company or even a product or service. as a member of the Cool Farm Alliance integrates the Cool Farm Tool (CFT) for calculations on this matter.

Landscape verification

The algorithm developed by, internationally validated, allows the user to understand the potential sustainability of their farms by overlapping environmental  conservation layers with the field’s polygon, determining areas that may be eligible to apply to different standards according to the requirements.

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