Produce without putting soil at risk

Produce without putting soil at risk

Why does it matter?

Understanding the impact our agricultural processes have, helps us decide more effectively on the application of nutrients, as well as resources, protecting the soil, increasing production and profit

How can I achieve it?

By recording your field actions, you gain tools that will help you assess and ensure sustainable agricultural practices. Get to know them

Environmental Impact Quotient is a value used to evaluate how phytosanitary products applied in crops affect the environmental.

We calculate EIQ for each application and for all of them, considering the concetration of each product and the amount applied in the field

Nutrient Use Efficiency is a tool used to evaluate the efficiency of farmers' operations, helping to identify opportunities to reduce input costs.

We calculate the ratio of nitrogen applied per yield unit.

Less ratio means a more efficient use of nutrient

Get to know these principles

They help us promote good practices and have been designed to maximize production and profit, while also protecting the environment in crop systems

To correctly fertilize the soil, it is crucial to know its properties and consider the available nutrients from natural and industrial sources.

Know its properties

Recognize its sensitivity

Use integral sources

To determine the right amount to apply, we have to evaluate all available options , such as compost, crop remains and commercial fertilizers

Use appropriate methods to measure

Evaluate and ensure the right amount

Apply efficiently

To determine the right amount to apply and avoid losses, we need to consider how nutrients are absorbed, the plot size, the machinery used, weather conditions, and the interaction among nutrients.

Consider each crop’s characteristics

Productivity is limited by deficiencies

Check phytosaniraries can be combined

Finally, apply nutrients strategically for a quick absorption

Consider roots’ size and placement

Learn the soil’s chemical reactions

Evaluate the soil and its absorption

By implementing and documenting good practices, you can improve crop yields and increase your opportunities in new markets, all while conserving natural ecosystems and achieving higher production in smaller spaces

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