Programs and Licenses


At, our goal is to help companies connect with the best agricultural producers. In a world where information is the foundation of business, the digitization of production processes and the sustainability of practices are key to differentiation.

With this in mind, we always offer the traceability platform free of charge to producers so they can prepare to participate in programs with companies.

What are the programs?

Each company has different objectives in its relationship with producers. In some cases, an exporter may need to measure the carbon footprint or prove that no deforestation occurred in the fields of origin. In other cases, financing may be offered for machinery at lower rates to those who use fertilizers efficiently, or a company may be seeking to source only from producers who employ regenerative practices.

For all these cases, companies create programs on where they outline the requirements and benefits, allowing each producer to evaluate and decide whether to participate.

If a producer decides to participate in a program, they sign a license on the platform, and a collaborator will assist them through the process and provide follow-up to ensure their success in the program.

We have already tracked more than 9 million hectares under this scheme in over 1800 agreements between producers and companies.


How do I participate in a program?

  1. Register on and upload the area of your fields.
  2. You can start recording your crop cycle or review existing programs in the ecosystem or program tab.
  3. Review the conditions and accept participation in the program. From there, a advisor will guide you through the steps to successfully complete the program.

to your Crop Story.


It will be visible exclusively by the company
with whom you participate in a program.

Our processes are


You will have access to control boards to follow traceability, environmental indicators and the potential profit of your crops.

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