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What is the Carbon Footprint?

It is an indicator that allows the estimation of the amount of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) produced and emitted into the atmosphere. This happens with everything we produce and consume, from good to services.

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de carbono

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de las emisiones de dióxido de carbono,
provienen del sistema alimentario,

of the use
of land


Crop Residue

*Food systems account for more than one third of global greenhouse gas emissions at 2021

How can I measure the carbon footprint of my production with

By tracing your Crop StoryTM in our platform,
we can calculate your carbon footprint with the
Cool Farm Alliance: Cool Farm Tool (CFT),
using historic data of  your crops.

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Do the calculation, your historic data must include:

Harvested amount
and weight of
what is sold.

The area
of your
crop land.

Fertilizers used
and form of application

Crop Protection
products used

Energy consumed
(kWh and fuel)

How you
transport your
crops: means,
weight and distance travelled

By understanding how it works, you can dimention how your actions affect
the environment. This is the first step in taking action
to reduce that impact as much as possible.

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