Safely showcase your sustainable achievements with grower approval and verification, from farm to your need

Obtain growers’ consent to share information for specific programs, verify their company documentation and land rights, and create Crop Stories reinforced by electronic signatures on the blockchain, all with unequivocal grower endorsement.


Farmer entity registration and verification

To ensure that the registries, declarations, signatures and evidences endorsed in the system are made by those who actually have the rights to the information, we verify both the person and the grower’s fiscal entity rights to exploit the land before allowing them to sign declarations or add collaborators to the platform.


Digital agreements for data governance

Companies can post traceability programs on our platform in the form of digital agreements, inviting growers to create a verified Crop Story. Growers can check these out and if they’re on board, they sign off digitally for their participation. This isn’t just any signature—it’s a secured timestamp blockchain one, so it’s a digitally binding promise from each of the growers to join the program under the specific terms. Once they sign, they agree to share their crop data with the company for the scope and specific purpose set in the agreement, all within the legal playbooks of the US and EU.


Electronic signatures for farmer declarations

Growers digitally compose their Crop Story on our platform, fortified by a robust foundation of evidence — from documents to real-time data captured by machinery and comprehensive satellite imagery. This wealth of evidence forms a bedrock, confirming their declarations with empirical precision. They finalize their narrative with a blockchain-based digital endorsement, ensuring all information and proof are irrevocably anchored, embodying their full commitment to the data’s integrity from start to finish



Data Validation and Cleansing

The insights from each program and the resulted impact hinge on the data quality inputted. Our system benchmarks each data point against regional counterparts, flagging any anomalies. These outliers then undergo extra checks, further cleansing if required along with the grower directly to ensure the data the company engages with remains top-notch.

Outliers En


Integration Capabilities

Data In: On top of the mobile application used by growers on the farm, provides a comprehensive and semi automatic data import and matching service that standardizes farm areas, inputs with their active ingredients and activities.

Data Out: All information is presented to our clientes trough secured interactive dashboards. Our technology and approach enables seamless integrations with other systems and platforms through REST APIs or direct data exports to independent tables or structured database.


Sustainable claims need strong auditable data

Our commitment is to provide accurate information that your company can use from the field to the shelf to achieve sustainability, quality and productivity commitments with all the tools to be auditable and verified by third parties.

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