We record and verify sustainable crop stories

Crop Story ™

On our free and confidential digital platform, famers record and verify agronomic events to trace their Crop Story™.

The process is simple and is assisted by agronomists in the field, free of charge.
All information uploaded is under the farmer’s control, crypto-verified (with blockchain technology).

Each farmer is the owner of his Crop Story™, and is who decides which companies to share it with, in exchange for benefits.

What characterizes us?

Ucropit Celulares App Transparente
Certainty and transparency.

Farmers, suppliers and global surveyors verify the Crop Story™.


The farmer decides who he will share the crop story to.

Trust and security (Data Privacy).

The Crop Story™ is cryptographically protected, using blockchain technology.


It adapts to the particularities of each farmer and actor in the chain.


The Crop Story™ can be extended to other crops and farms.

Remote function.

It works without internet in the field.

What do you need to use ucrop.it?

A cell phone with at least these operating systems:

• Android 8.0

You can use it in the field, without wiFi or mobile data, and once you are back online, the information is automatically synchronized.


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We transform sustainability into a simpler, more achievable and profitable process.